Rules & Regulations

Rule 1

Every student must have to reach the institution in time.

Rule 2

After the entrance, no student will leave the campus before finishing the classes or won’t leave without taking permission.

Rule 3

No student can enter the campus without wearing uniform as well as ID card.

Rule 4

Tuition fess must be paid within first 10th days of the month. Mention that, tuition fee will reset (may be increased ) due to socio-economical situation.

Rule 5

Tk. 100/- will be charged as delay fine on tuition fee.

Rule 6

No one will take part in any type of exam without admit card.

Rule 7

70% marks in Class Test (CT) is a must to take part in Term Exam

Rule 8

Incomplete term exam, student will require re-admission.

Rule 9

Without doing well (70%) in the term exams student will not be allowed to sit in the board exam.

Rule 10

85% attendance is a must to take part in the term exams and board exam.

Rule 11

Attendance below 50% will require re-admission as the admission will be cancelled.

Rule 12

Every student must be careful and sincere about the cleaning of the campus.

Rule 13

Everyone should be wholehearted to use institutional equipments(Computer, Wi-fi, AC, Library, Common Room, Drinking System, Washrooms, Chairs, White Board etc.) jointly & always abide by co-education system.

Rule 14

TSC is a non smoking campus. Strong punishment will be imposed on the students if they are caught in smoking or like this.

Rule 15

For any kind of leave one should have to fill a form which will be available in the office. Medical Certificate and Guardian’s application are must on Medical leave.

Rule 16

Student’s admission will be cancelled automatically if they miss any term exam without permission and if anyone fails to attend two term examinations one after another will never be permitted for re-admission.

Rule 17

TC(Transfer Certificate ) is a must as punishment when a student is proven for breaking institutional rules and regulations or task subversive of the state to be only by the institutional disciplinary committee.